June Garden Tips

1 gal tomato plants

Eat Fresh!

Tomato-tone your maters and other veggies.

Fresh organic veggie ideas: Eat “zoodles” – zuke spiraled noodles! Share your summer recipes on facebook… We will!

Pro Tip:

Water veggies, container plants and newly planted trees & shrubs in the EARLY morning (6 – 8am) for best results. Remember to try and keep the water off the foliage and water at the root/base of the plant.

Pests, Diseases, Weeds, and Pruning

  1. Fresh vegetables from the garden taste so goodAs the weather becomes more hot and humid, you are more likely to see pests and fungus infect your plants. Keep a watch for:
    • Japanese Beetles – unfortunately it’s that time of year again when the beetles come out. We can help you with this so stop by and talk with our staff.
    • Powdery Mildew and Black Spot – Crepe Myrtles, Hydrangeas, Hawthorne, Zinnias, Verbena and especially Roses are all susceptible to one or both of these fungal diseases.
    • Let us help you with organic remedies.

    These are just a few common problems you might encounter in the yard. If you have a problem you can’t identify or are not sure how to handle, please stop by with a photo or a sealed sample and let our staff Horticulturists help you.

  2. Take care of vegetable gardens, be sure to hoe the garden regularly to keep the weeds under control and keep the veggies picked. Once you have dug potatoes, picked all the sugar snaps, lettuce, cabbage, and other cool season crops, we have more veggies to plant in those spots. We have gallon tomatoes and peppers.
  3. Prune your spring blooming shrubs (if needed) by June 15th to avoid cutting off next years buds. Examples are Azaleas, Camellias, Forsythia, and Bridal Wreath Spirea.
  4. Nelsa uses “I Must Garden” for rabbit and deer control on veggies. If needed, Nelsa uses pyrethrins for organic pest control on veggies and Spinosad for potato beettles. These can harm pollinators so please follow label directions.

Happy Summer Solstice June 21st! Enjoy the longest day of the year!

See more tips… July.