August Garden Tips


Wave of colorful perennials such as coneflowers and verbena with Japanese Maple

It’s time to finish pruning shrubs, no later than middle of September, so the new growth can harden off before winter.

Note: don’t prune spring-flowering plants now!

Remove spent flowers and tired foliage on perennials so they will flush out and bloom again. Also prune seed heads on crepe myrtles. Deadhead annuals to keep them blooming. If your perennials are coneflowers or the like, leave seed heads for the finches to enjoy.

Fall Planting

Cool season veggies are coming in the 3rd & 4th week of August. We have organic seeds for cool season veggies too!

Fall items are starting to arrive. We are looking forward to fall planting season and have more beautiful plants scheduled to arrive in September and October!

Critter Control

I Must Garden Natural Animal RepellentDeer, rabbits and critters are on the move. We have great “I Must Garden” products to repel unwanted critters from your plants.


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