January Garden Tips

Winter chill plants for color and texture, hellebores and ornamental kale

Start winter pruning of fruit trees at the end of January through February, and remember to spray with a dormant oil and follow up with lime sulfur.

Horticultural oil (dormant oil) will take care of insects and their eggs on shrubs and trees. Check hollies, camellias and gardenias in particular.

Watch for warming trends and Ambrosia Beetles showing up.

Begin fertilizing with Plant-tone and Holly-tone at the end of January through February.

More Winter Gardening Tips

Winter is a great time to look at the bones of the garden. Make plans for adding evergreens, winter interest plants or structure to your landscape.

Add more living space with outdoor “rooms”. Create a seating area in the perfect nook. We have many benches and table & chair sets to choose from. Check out our furniture for indoors and out.

It’s time to begin planning your vegetable garden. Have you done your soil test yet? We have free boxes for mailing to the State Soil Lab. We have organic compost available. EXCELLENT for veggie gardens.

Let us know what seeds you are looking for.

Cole's bird seed, bird feeders, nesting boxes, bird houses, bird bathClean bird feeders and houses, and put out suet feeders. We have Coles bird food and suet. It’s the Best! All bags are vacuum sealed keeping the seed fresh and the birds returning to your feeders for more. We have Droll Yankee feeders and locally-made houses and feeders. Try some birding plants, such as deciduous hollies, dogwoods, wax myrtles, burning bush, and others to provide food and shelter for our feathered friends. Learn how to attract bluebirds and their friends to your garden.

See our February gardening calendar.