Christmas Shop is Open!

Theme trees with the most amazing toppers! Beach, woodland, Angel, traditional, warm metals, pet, famous Cardinal tree, rose gold, whimsical, nature, bird, culinary tree with treats, Santa/snowman tree, and more!

Fall is the BEST Time to Plant Trees, Shrubs & Perennials

Planting now allows plants to establish a good root system. Beautify your landscape and spruce up those planters with our fall flowers and ornamentals! See November gardening tips.

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Gourmet Foodie Haven

We carry a variety of NC gourmet products. From dark chocolate and cherry Poppy Popcorn, candied jalapeno Cape Fear Pirate Candy, to Alarita salsas and Mamasita’s white corn tortilla chips. Flower elixirs for making cocktails and sodas and delicious Debutante Farmer bloody mary mix! Cookbooks by local authors too! See our Events page.

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